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Support for Addiction Recovery

Many people have noticed their drinking or drug use has increased during the pandemic. Some have realized their use has crossed over into addiction and need support in stopping or reducing their use. Luckily there are many free programs and meetings available on-line (and in-person meetings will resume post-pandemic). Nearly everyone has heard of AlcoholicsContinue reading “Support for Addiction Recovery”

Radical Acceptance: Tara Brach podcasts and videos

Tara Brach is a Buddhist teacher in the Insight tradition, a psychologist, and an author. She offers free podcasts and videos of both her talks and guided meditations. Tara Brach incorporates what she knows about the brain and body with Buddhist practices designed to ease suffering and awaken compassion. Her talks often include mental healthContinue reading “Radical Acceptance: Tara Brach podcasts and videos”

The Science of Well-being Course is being offered for free online

This free class offered by Yale on Coursera offers videos, articles, and several interactive activities to explore what truly help us to be happy. The course offers many practices participants can try as well as ways to track their impact on your mood. The class is full of helpful resources and it is currently freeContinue reading “The Science of Well-being Course is being offered for free online”

Free IFS Webinars for coping with COVID-19

The IFS Institute is offering free webinars to help people cope through the COVID-19 and quarantine. Webinars are available either live or in prerecorded videos. Webinar topics include: I want to scream! Communication during quarantine Where’s G-d when the world is falling apart IFS and Loneliness- Coping with Social Isolation Parenting through a Pandemic GriefContinue reading “Free IFS Webinars for coping with COVID-19”

Mental Health support during COVID-19

Aside from the medical and economic consequences of COVID-19, many people are suffering from an increase in mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, and increased substance use. Although there are fewer in-person resources available right now, there are a multitude of on-line resources that have been created to address the needs of thoseContinue reading “Mental Health support during COVID-19”


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